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Working with MXT Associates Investment Firm and Insurance Agency Connections

Taking that next step as a financial advisor can be an exhilarating and a daunting process-all at the same time. At MXT Associates, we work with you on making your next move by listening and matching you with a top company that aligns with your needs and career goals.

Whether you are looking for income growth, additional opportunities, greater commissions or a better work culture, MXT Associates leverages our select client relationships to find you the best fit.

MXT Associates will connect you directly with one or more of our reputable affiliates so that you can learn what they can offer you if you were to join their establishment confidentially and when it is convenient for you.

Our Affiliates

Independent Firms
Full Service Banks and Credit Unions
Wire-house Firms
Insurance Agencies
Registered Investment Advisors
Hybrid Firms
Tax Professionals
Regional Broker-Dealers
Specialty Broker-Dealers
Opportunities to join an existing independent team
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